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Concerta Is Not Working Anymore


Restating my earlier point, what makes Concerta work like Concerta is the OROS delivery system. We owe to ourselves to take care of our well being. Posted by steelerfan500 on Feb 12, 2013 at 11:47pm After some time all stimulant medications seem to stop working. or perhaps change meds to Ritalin LA, as Concerta has a veeery slow onset, which i personally dislike, Ritalin LA has two equal onsets.

Parents of ADHD Children Concerta 36 mg not working anymore ? Thanks a) Actual bioavailability of methylphenidate is catastrofically low and can apparently vary from person to person. someday. __________________ ========= I have no 'deficit' of attention... Having not only seen but also having lived these problems myself I have akeen sense of what you and your daughter are going through.

Concerta Not Working For Me

But I didn't get that on 36mg but part of me was thinking "I'm not going to get the feeling I got on 18mg on the first 2 days because that Did you ever try just V alone? My son is 8 years old . POPSUGAR Select Bloggers Video How Our Bloggers Hack Motherhood Follow ShopStyle » ©2016 POPSUGAR Inc.

Perhaps you would consider asking your son's doctor if that is an option in your case. If so, what would be the best thing (in tems of medication)? about Fibromyalgia and he said that there was no such thing. Does Concerta Stop Working After A While She was much better able to sit still and be attentive.

Even on 54mg! How To Tell If Concerta Is Working Watch out for generic concerta, in particular Malinkrodt version. I do no medicate my son on the weekends unless we have a function, I do not medicate during the summer unless for the same reasons. http://www.addconnect.com/groups/topic/Concerta_36_mg_not_working_anymore_Why_/ He was started on the 18mg of Concerta with no side effects.

Is on the FDA's shortage list at the moment, but is catching up. Concerta Not Working For My Child A few weeks ago I reacted to something a colleague at work said to me, granted, this is a renowned difficult person and by all standards I handled it well, yet what they feel, then think, then let's all think it thru and regard time a bit "quantum ignorantly", it's very smart and - a person w/no analytical clue, who found deals I don't feel anything at all, no appetite loss at all, nothing.

How To Tell If Concerta Is Working

It's senseless to play like you are helpless if you are not finding success then request ir and find your dose and push on till you are in the positive zone. you can try this out Kind regards , Leanne Posted by LEANNEROBBO on Jun 24, 2014 at 6:27pm Ditto to Penny. Concerta Not Working For Me Again, I thought I felt better. Concerta 54 Mg Not Working Anymore I noticed the difference in my son the first day he took one of these different generics, but I had no idea the reason for the issue.

This on doesn't really seem to know what they are talking about. Once you do that, your done! Since Vyvanse has worked, first try addressing her anxiety and sleep problems and also try increasing Vyvanse. I spelled Bifentin wrong - it's Biphentin. Concerta Not Working What Next

Find all posts by crazycat1990 #2 12-18-09, 08:07 PM Lost Focus ADDvanced Member Join Date: Dec 2009 Location: Billings, MT Posts: 152 Thanks: 21 Thanked 62 Times in Addboy at your service! There are a number of coaching resources out there, although most of them are pricey. A higher dose did nothing-seeing a counselor and taking behavior management classes helped with behaviors here at home, but school behavior is still not good.

Not a member? Concerta 36 Mg Not Working Hope this information is helpful to you. I pray to God everyday to take this sickness away!

Updated...Why your kid's Concerta hasn't been working lately He won't remember: Children and PTSD...Jolene Philo DSM-5: Rethinking Reactive Attachment Disorder Key Ministry Key Ministry Recent Posts The man on thepier The

rather, my brain operates differently and to assimilate into modern society I have to develop little strategies and methodologies in order to pass successfully through the machinery. Read More I understand about the AFHD meds. This is not unusual. Concerta Does Not Work For Me I am thinking about trying adderall but I don't personally know of anyone who has liked it.

I didn't have any moments where I felt odd or horrible. It's almost like I feel doubly worse because I've experience how great I feel and now…nothing. Join ADDConnect today. He's put on the last 12lbs since starting his Vyvanse because his appetite is back :) Helpful Nice Funny Encouraging Hugs Becky - posted on 03/30/2011 3 57 0 He's

That allows us more opportunity to make sure my son eats since we can work meals around administering the medication. As to your son seeming to need a higher dose after some time that it seemed effective, we've been there too. I haven't been able to get anything done since they left. All rights reserved.

Now we are going to try Vyvance.. Can folks offer any advice or reflections on similar experiences? My son is 13, 5'7" and 112lbs. The Dr on his last appointment asked if there were issues arising due to red areas on his frontal lobe of the QEEG but I dismissed as I was frightened of

As I see it there can be more than one cause to why concerta isn't working anymore..... * His dose may not be right * The type of medication may not Late morning to about 2pm, it's working well. 2pm I get this zombie sleepy feeling and start zoning out - difficult to stay on task… Then at about 5:30 pm there's Concerta was our miracle -but now seems not to be working. Do you agree that the body doesn't develop tolerance - maybe a drug holiday may.

Please do not adapt the learned helpless state of mind. First, have you considered trying your son on a non-stimulant like Intuniv and also maybe finding a new doc. She has been sleeping on the sofa since. Posted by BikesRIt to ADHD Medications on Feb 11, 2013 at 10:35am | 14 Comments Keywords: My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade.

I'd ask our regular blog readers to allow me to digress today while I share about a medication issue that is greatly impacting many of the kids and families we serve. Winter 2016 Issue Start with the 'ADHD Therapies That Work' issue when you subscribe now! Actually, the contrary. I said I'd heard of other meds but he said he'd never seen them prescribed.

My daughter is 10, and at 8 was put on Concerta for ADHD. Events and News Alaska Arizona California