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Car Stereo Left Speaker Not Working


Reply Richard commented 28 Mar 11 at 7:06 pm Hi Jimmy, I've amended the post and added a link to the speaker phase test mp3 so that you can try it It comes in an aerosol can with a little straw, so you can get it into crevices. Reply Andrew commented 06 Feb 12 at 10:55 am Hello Richard, thanks for this article, very helpful and informative. Reply Richard commented 20 Sep 10 at 12:06 pm Thanks, I'm glad you found it useful. http://clearduplicatefiles.com/not-working/car-stereo-one-speaker-not-working.html

Agent Foxtrot View Public Profile Find all posts by Agent Foxtrot Advertisements #2 06-19-2012, 09:27 AM cantara Guest Join Date: Nov 1999 While there might be something But if neither you or anyone you know has small electronics experience, then there's probably not much you can do. As expected, the only set of pins that shows 0L is the circuit for the left front speaker. Richard Reply Jan commented 22 Mar 12 at 11:26 pm Hi Richard, I have real unexpected events that happened in case of my not working amplifier. http://www.caraudiohelp.com/newsletter/troubleshooting_speakers.html

One Car Speaker Not Working

Speakers are fine, playing on different amp. I also had it with an 80s era amp. Whatever test you do perform however, I would turn off ALL effects on your AVR so that you are just testing the pure source file without any contamination from additional effects

Some of this is from friction, some from contamination. Bill Grandy Windsor Nova Scotia Canada Reply tooky commented 14 Dec 09 at 12:30 am WOW, is it just me or is every article on the internet on out of phase Trying to describe how out of phase speakers sound is a little difficult unless you’ve experienced it first hand. How Do I Know If My Car Speakers Are Blown If after a bit of noodling it doesn't seem obvious what the cause is it might just be time for an upgrade.posted by emptythought at 1:57 AM on October 7, 2013

Reply Bruce commented 21 Apr 11 at 5:43 am Nice. Car Aux Only Plays One Side Is it dead on both channels, or just one? Tweet RSS Feed Subscribe to Get the Latest Posts Subscribe for free to get my latest blog posts delivered directly to your email inbox.

Usually, the simplest answer is the answer.

They would be able to smell that component but they do this things only in Hollywood movies. Car Speaker Cuts In And Out Rather than explain how to test a speaker I wanted to verify that it was in fact a speaker problem. And calibrate the balance on my preamp. Awesome.

Car Aux Only Plays One Side

speaker is broken where it goes through the door hinge area. http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/60735-6-sound-left-speaker-playing-music-auxiliary-mode-honda-accord Reply Ganron commented 27 Feb 12 at 5:43 pm ^^^^ Also my Realtek Audio Manager LEFT/RIGHT Test failed with the above speakers, though my Old speaker & Headphone got it right. One Car Speaker Not Working Of course I will send it to the pro shop but need to know how serious it is? Car Stereo Only Plays One Side After finding that the volume control seemed to be causing the lack of audio at the front left speaker until enough power was induced, it was actually a crimped wire in

Reply Charlie stockham commented 14 Jan 12 at 12:11 am Ok, great advice, i dont have an amp at the moment because im not going to run subwoofers, but i'll look http://clearduplicatefiles.com/not-working/car-stereo-lcd-not-working.html Listening to the left speaker test, you should hear Winnie’s voice coming out of the left hand speaker (or headphone) only and vice versa for the right speaker test. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Normally however, both speakers wouldn't be working and possibly even the stereo if this was the case, but I don't know your vehicle's setup. Car Stereo Speakers Not Working

I hook it up and first thing I have noticed is that my base and trouble controls were making squeaking sound when touched. If the right channel no longer works then you know the problem is not the RCA cables. So i turn the fader all the way to the front. have a peek here Pots (shorthand for the volume and tone and balance controls....

Of course I will let you know what they will find out. Front Car Speakers Not Working Music play for 5 second than click. Add ImagesxWe noticed you attached photosto your comment.Did you make this instructable?

You would?

Flat, powerful, brilliant MF's, they are. If the problem is now in the right speaker and the left speaker works then the problem lies before the crossover. When I test the resistance for the left front speaker with my multimeter - I am testing the harness that plugs into the back of my new receiver. Rear Car Speakers Not Working Reply Peter commented 30 Apr 12 at 5:29 pm Hi Richard - I am reconnecting speakers that are in my ceiling.

Reply Richard Farrar commented 09 Mar 12 at 11:56 am Thanks Mick. March 10, 2010 Will my head explode if I wear my earphones the... Grateful for any pearls that you might have. Check This Out These potential problems are easy to spot with a few simple tests and luckily the corresponding remedies are equally simple.

I do not want to try attaching them to my computer, only to their own music centre. In this case you are hearing equal amounts of Winnie from both speakers. This could be as simple as a dirty connection or a dodgy interconnecting cable, or if things are worse it could be a more ingrained electronic or speaker problem. It has got power to it I assume?

Last edited by md2000; 06-19-2012 at 10:38 AM.. Second issue: I "think" that my left front speaker produce more bass than the right. am i right.. I was changing amps and when taking speaker wires from amp which has speaker pairs A and B orientated 4 plus 4 side by side.

In truly unusual circumstances, I'll design in a new part and/or cannibalize another similar unit. Also, if I attach them wrong, does this harm the speaker? Continue Reading Up Next Up Next Article Why You Should Replace Your Car Speakers Up Next Article Fixing an Amp That Turns Itself Off Up Next Article Four Ways to Blow After i uninstalled the software,my speakers are working fine.

Speakers now correctly positioned, left and right! Assuming that your music system is producing reasonably pleasant sounds, you may never stop to give it a second thought, but with a few simple tests you can check to make In that case, you’re looking at a problem with your car stereo wiring or a faulty speaker or speakers.Since speaker wires are often routed behind panels and molding, under seats, and Reply Richard Farrar commented 15 Apr 12 at 2:58 pm Hi Ruben, I'm pleased that the utility has helped you understand your system a little better.

Well done and thank you.