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Central Air Conditioning Unit Not Working


Soon after moving in my apartment became very damp and cold the air soon after begin to smell musty and within a few days it was very uncomfortable to be sitting The house temp is about 83, so it seems like the compressor is getting the message to keep cooling from the thermostat, but something is telling the blower motor to stop. Don Vandervort, HomeTips This can happen if air flow is restricted by dirty filters, blocked vents, dirty coils, etc. Both the wall thermostat and the outdoor unit are tied together at the terminal board on the indoor unit. Check This Out

It helped me eliminate what the problem is not, but I still don't know exactly what it is. I went to the apartment manager and he send a technician over who said there was nothing wrong. replyto Dennie Paul 5 months ago Subject: Split unit ac is licking inside Hi, My internal wall unit started licking water inside. If the AC doesn’t turn off, it’s likely that the contacts on the outdoor run relay have welded together—something that can happen over time because of frequentelectrical arcing at the relay. http://www.hometips.com/repair-fix/central-air-conditioner.html

Outside Ac Unit Not Turning On

jr61020 instead of buying a new Electric Condensation unit can I just route a hose from the water supply to a drain and remove the unit altogether. I noticed a buzz last night from the unit. Let it run a bit but still not really cooling. It would shut of the heat and cold air would continue to blow out for 5/10 minutes.

Reduced air flow, whether caused by dirty filters, a dirty coil, dirty squirrel cage blower, or a broken fan motor will cause the coil to freeze up, blocking air flow. Hard starts can sometimes help an older compressor get a little more life. Don Vandervort, HomeTips Sounds like a wiring problem. Car Ac Not Working Now the compressor has stopped running and I'm not getting anymore cooling, but the outside fan is still spinning.

It may be more serious than just a fan motor. Ac Compressor Not Working Congratulations. The contactor seems ok, as the compressor runs. http://www.ufixit.com/news/home-air-conditioner-not-cooling/ They are now trying to tell me that this is normal because of the open floorplan in the living area.

If the wiring appears to be okay, buy a new thermostat and install it according to the instructions. Air Conditioner Is Working But Not Cooling TJMaximinimonious Sure it was a drain pipe and not a cooling line? from the exterior of the unit everything appears to look normal and its obviously still getting power (the buzz). Amy Taylor yes, that means you need to replace the capacitor.

Ac Compressor Not Working

You may need to get the inside coils cleaned.

It is a relay switch that is normally controlled via the thermostat, switching power on & off to the unit. Outside Ac Unit Not Turning On Squealing sounds from a belt-drive air handler generally occur when the belt that connects the motor to the blower slips. Air Conditioner Not Turning On Gary McClenny You got lucky!

Regarding the leak sealant…I'm not sure what he is referring to…is the refrigerant tubing leaking? http://clearduplicatefiles.com/not-working/central-air-conditioning-fan-not-working.html The factory would be able to help you determine if you are experiencing symptoms of low refrigerant as well. Either way, you should probably have an AC pro check this so that you don't end up with problems of mildew or mold. The only thing that comes on in the house when you turn on the thermostat is the fan relay and fan in the air handler or furnace. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

Any thoughts. Then I double check that every step of the installation checklist has been performed exactly as detailed in the installation manual. Don Vandervort, HomeTips Note in the "Air Conditioner Leaks Water" section above that some condensate pumps will shut off the system if the pump isn't working (shown in left photo). http://clearduplicatefiles.com/not-working/central-heat-and-air-unit-not-working.html Many technicians install hard starts on units located in rural areas or areas where electric power may fluctuate.

Dissemble the relay and pry the contacts open, You should follow up with a new replacement as once these contacts are damaged, the power to the compressor is somewhat limited and Ac Running But Not Cooling not even any type of sound coming from either one.. Is this a problem that can be tied to the thermostat or is it just a coincidence?

Is this a sign that there is air in the system and not enough coolant?

A kinked refrigerant line, or a blower fan that isn't running right can cause this, too. It is very easy to "blow" the 24 volt transformer by shorting the wires. When I checked the unit outside the fan was not moving. Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Chart I couldn't figure it out.

To deal with condensate problems, please see Air Conditioner Leaks Water, below. When the thermostat is switched to cool, I can hear and feel the coolant cycling through the high pressure side before the blower kicks on. Ductwork pinging or popping. navigate here When the contacts are worn down, they can literally stick in the closed position, allowing power to constantly flow to the unit, keeping it on.

Reverse the leads and do it again. Thanks for the help!Reply Jim Plummer says: September 23, 2016 at 10:59 amOrion,You are welcome. Don Vandervort, HomeTips Great advice. Good job.

In extreme situations the coil must be removed by a technician and powerwashed. Area. If doing this gives the fan enough of a boost to get it going, the unit has a faulty capacitor that must be replaced. sky blower in the heat ex-changer sometimes will not start.

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